Pictures from my Gold Award Project

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Oh yeah! The mayor mentioned my project at the town meeting! We made the front page of the Township Journal! :D

Chris and my Dad scraping paint off the teeter-totters.

Left to right: Kathryn, Olivia and Katie

All of us scraping and sanding the large swing set. The ladder is about 12 feet tall.

Sarah demonstrating how when you scrape paint off, it forms dust that likes to be on hands!

Zach sanding the large swing set.

"Why are you so short?" Thanks Chris.

Yes, Stephen, Olivia and Katie spent most of the morning on the small slide.

Kathryn being... Kathryn.

Stephen painting the small swing set.

Kathryn and my Dad on the little swing set.

Yes, Sarah has blue paint on her forehead. We have no idea how it got there.

The boys (Chris, Zach and Tim) working on the large slide.

Chris proof paint solvent.

Chris is 6'3". His hands are big. His hand don't fit in medium sized gloves!

Everyone got paint in their hair at some point, even Chris!

Sarah joined the boys. (Chris, Tim and Zach)
Chris and Tim. Green paint on slide, check! On Chris's leg, of course!

Chris's giant green hand print on him, Zach and Sarah.

Finally! We started painting the teeter-totters!

This cute little boy's name is Jack! Jack and his Dad helped weed! Awwww!

Robert and Chris. No, they're not that tall. They're on ladders!

Robert putting a second coat of paint on the large slide.

Katie and Sarah finishing up the first coat on the teeter-totters.

New mulch smells awesome! Stephen and my Dad are spreading it around the teeter-totters.

Zach spread new mulch around the small slide.

Chris spread new mulch around the large slide.

We had more then enough mulch for the playground equipment, so the trees got some too!

OF COURSE WE HAD GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! What kind of Girl Scout would have her Gold Award without Girl Scout cookies?! Zach and Chris especially enjoyed the cookies!

Stephen spreading new mulch around the... I'm not exactly sure what the heck that thing is supposed to be. It looks like Swiss cheese!

Stephen and my Dad putting a second coat of paint on the teeter-totters! 

Well of course the rest of us helped with too! Zach, Katie and Chris.

Katie, Zach and Stephen putting the awesome looking drip pattern on the teeter-totters!

Stephen especially enjoyed this part! 

How totally awesome does this look?! :D

My Dad. :D

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